Kenilworth House

A low stimulus, predictable, therapeutic environment for boys aged 7+

Kenilworth House For children and young people aged 9+. Caring for children with (or without) a formal diagnosis of Autism; who may have also experienced early developmental trauma. A low stimulus environment benefits those who present with a more dis-associative coping mechanism and thrive from structure and nurture. Our skill is to decode complex behaviour and address the underlying needs. A purpose built light sensory room is calming.

It is a happy, healthy, safe home for all to: grow, develop, thrive and achieve. A “homely environment” that “keeps it real” including making mistakes and learning from them, and getting young people ready for life after they leave us. This 4 bed home operates with 1:1 staffing to help lessen anxieties experienced and facilitates the focused attention these children and young people truly need to settle and progress.


The therapeutic care is based on attuned care, co-regulation and attachment based on the principles of  PACE. Our skilled staff look beyond presenting behaviour, address the underlying emotional need of the children in our care which results in long term positive change. To facilitate learning and opportunity we also make use of practical strategies aimed at the functioning of the entirety of the brain. These encourage thinking and enable new choices to be tried. This Whole Brain Approach validates a child’s survival strategies and gives space for new thinking

As therapeutic carers we:

  • Understand how trauma and attachment affects the child’s brain and development and is shown through their actions and behaviours
  • Are able to interpret the Childs action correctly
  • Know the child’s history which helps decode behaviour
  • Are able to react consciously and with empathy to the child’s behaviour, rather than emotionally.
  • Receive excellent support and supervision
  • Recognise compassion fatigue and blocked care within our own practice.

We work closely with Therapeutic and Pathways Provisions to ensure we allow our young people the best opportunities. This is our underlying belief for building relationships and for positive outcomes:

“We are their next chance, maybe their last chance to be welcomed, understood and accepted, and that for a person to grow they need an environment that provides them with genuineness (openness and self-disclosure), acceptance (being seen with unconditional positive regard), and empathy (being listened to and understood), without these, relationships and healthy personalities will not develop. Our young people can achieve their goals, wishes and desires if the important people in their life help them”

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