Kirby Moor School

A specialist provision for young people with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties

A specialist education provision for young people with Social, Emotional and/or Mental Health difficulties which can manifest in behaviour which challenges. At Kirby Moor School we provide a safe, secure and happy community which is now an Attachment and Trauma Sensitive School – SILVER AWARD STATUS. We seek to develop each individual to their full potential, academically, emotionally and socially. We prepare young people for their future independent lives.

“Teachers know their pupils very well. They plan tasks which engage and enthuse pupils. For example, in mathematics the teacher sets problems which capture pupils’ interests; for instance, working out percentages and fractions based on the values of cars. In English, the judicious choice of reading books ensures that pupils read books which resonate with their own experiences, as well as broaden their understanding of the world.” – Ofsted OUTSTANDING December 2017

Latest information for pupils and all who support them from the exam board:


We work with parents/guardians, education authorities, social services and all other relevant agencies to deliver a broad and balanced full curriculum to achieve the best learning outcomes for every pupil. Kirby Moor School is based across two sites which are located in a small market town and a nearby hamlet. Both are designed to meet the very different needs of the pupils who are placed with us. Kirby Moor School proudly delivers academic learning to prepare pupils for their future independent lives alongside resilience programmes that nurture and develop a pupil’s sense of self and emotional understanding. Access to the national curriculum and emotional literacy schemes of work meet the needs of the whole child.

The school has access to a huge online reading library that every pupil can log in to at home, these resources are open for all. We have specialist access to books that match to each pupils interests – from space and science, to art and nature and all are targeted to meet and progress their reading age.

Kirby Moor School promotes a supportive and nurturing environment in which pupil’s are taught in small groups designed to meet their ability and needs.  The whole school learns the same theme each half of term and this overarching topic is taught via the curriculum plans for a child to access at  a point relevant to their learning needs in that area from Year 1 knowledge to Year 9. This sequencing of learning ensures that knowledge is secure before being built upon.  We can accelerate learning in a specific topic if a child has in-depth knowledge and understanding so academic year group does not limit learning the subject plan from the year above can be accessed, the beauty of the whole school studying the same theme together. Ongoing academic support is given by a Teacher and Learning Support Mentor. In the classroom we aim to develop academic understanding, resilience, self-esteem and emotional literacy.

We are proud to have gained the silver accreditation of an Attachment and Trauma Sensitive School. This model is a framework of support and understanding. It aims to help all pupils who have experienced adversity to thrive, play and learn. In accurately attending to each pupil’s emotional needs we aim to achieve better learning and better mental and physical health for every pupil. The pupils have many varied complex needs and difficulties such as Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Conduct Disorder, School reluctance, or have experienced previous difficulties in maintaining positive behaviour and interaction in school.

The Staff are experienced in working with pupils who have encountered negative experiences at previous educational settings.  Positive encouragement and reflection by reporting on all the elements every pupil has covered through the curriculum Plans enhances understanding. Learning experiences are reinforced across subject areas and related to real life situations for a pupil to understand the importance, meaning and effect this will have on their future life. Every young person is included in the themes making every pupil very much a part of the school. Our drive for inclusion  seeks to increase pupil participation and remove barriers to learning. It is important that we instil a sense of pride and belonging for every young person to encourage a positive experience in education and give them aspirations and goals to achieve both now and in the future.

Kirby Moor succeeds with pupils where many other schools have failed. Pupils join Kirby Moor with a long history of educational under performance. On entry, the overwhelming majority of pupils are working several years below the standards expected for their age. Despite this, all pupils go on to gain academic qualifications, including GCSEs, and secure places at college for post-16 courses, linked to their interests and aptitudes.” – Ofsted OUTSTANDING December 2017

The pastoral team give ongoing individual and collective support to help young people deal with emotions positively, develop self-esteem , self-awareness and effective communication skills.  Staff work closely to give young people the tools to help them manage their own behaviour and be able to explore and become comfortable with their feelings and emotions.

Here we have classes of no more than 5 pupils. Our pupils move around the school site at Kirby Moor School to specialist teachers in fully equipped classrooms.

Our facilities include:

  • Science Laboratory
  • Art studio
  • ICT suite
  • Recreational areas indoor and out
  • Classrooms with interactive whiteboards and one computer per pupil
  • Assembly Room
  • A dining room where all pupils and staff eat together
  • Student welfare and support services
  • Access to our qualified nurse

We work with parents/guardians, education authorities, social services and all other relevant agencies to achieve the best learning outcomes for every pupil. Term times are generally in line with Cumbria Local Education Authority, please click on the quick link for dates. Education policies, legally required information and Ofsted reports are all quick links.

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We take online safety and education very seriously and are proud to be a certified school community with the National Online Safety organisation.

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