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Since 2007 North Lakes has helped boys to live safely, happily and facilitate opportunities to thrive! As early as 2010 we gained our first Outstanding Ofsted inspection and have added to this since with all 4 homes currently rated at Outstanding or Good. For 13 years the service has evolved: Growing steadily, Deepening the therapeutic understanding and gaining a second school site. Matching homes and locations to specialisms is now possible. There are clear and proven routes onwards to foster care, at home or with the wider family. Opportunity for long term stability for those facing the most complex challenges exists. A dedicated home for those with Autistic Spectrum Conditions – diagnosed or with the presenting characteristics enables progression socially, emotionally and academically. Kirby Moor School is now an Accredited SILVER Award Attachment and Trauma Sensitive School. The organisation has always been on key local and national procurement frameworks for commissioning services. We value highly the uptake of our closest local authorities in utilising our therapeutic social care and attachment and trauma informed education services. North Lakes seeks to improve, learn and look forwards –  the same values we have for all the children.

Therapeutic children’s homes 

We provide attachment and trauma informed care, supported by the principles of PACE and therapeutic parenting. Our skilled staff look beyond presenting behaviour, address the underlying emotional need of the children in our care which results in long term positive change.

We care and educate children and young people who may have experienced multiple adverse childhood experiences: including trauma and disruption in their care. This often results in complex:  attachment difficulties, social emotional and mental health needs and we also care for those with, or without, a formal diagnosis of Autism.

To facilitate high level of empathetic responding, learning and opportunity we use a “Whole Brain Functioning” Approach to account for the child’s survival strategies to date and to encourage the linking up of: thoughts, emotions and the body to then practice new choices.

A Multi-agency approach enables us to support vulnerable children and young people and the key staff who care for them. Individual psychotherapy is available for young people, monthly clinical staff meetings to decode complex behaviour and personal supervision achieve this objective.

Our Therapeutic Parenting Approach enables young people to thrive. Our all male service specialises in returns to family or foster care after a reflective period of stability or transitions post 16

Therapeutic approach in school

All staff have training in the attachment and trauma informed framework noted above. In school staff work from the accredited Attachment and Trauma Sensitive School approach which specifically meets the needs of pupils within a school setting.  It aims to help all pupils who have experienced adversity to thrive and learn. Kirby Moor School has achieved the Silver Award. Our pupils are supported to transition to the next stage of their education to environments which best suit their needs.



*Corona Virus Pandemic Update* Please see the latest News Post or the Care and School Policies Page for Excellent resources to share with children.

for further information on staying safe go to the government web pages for latest updates on: symptoms, what to do, cleaning routines etc,  and what is essential travel, remember to use .gov pages for assurance that this is sound advice. If you would prefer to ask more about it with us, please call 01697 742 598 option 2. We have updated our business continuity Plan for Care homes and the School, We have shared valuable information and many updates with our children and staff team and have posted reassuring resources online – see news post for you to read and share with children. They are also a good, simple and accurate way of reassuring yourself, I have used them.


"Pupils make outstanding progress with their learning across a wide range of subjects and experiences."

Kirby Moor School, Outstanding, October 2014

"The experience of living in this home significantly improves young peoples' life chances, they are equipped with skills that promote positive futures."

Kenilworth House, Outstanding 2015/16

"Where Children have suffered from trauma and abuse there is a strong focus on rebuilding their ability to play and have the opportunity to be a child."

Kirby Moor House, Outstanding 2016.

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