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Our therapeutic care and education uses the Attachment Based PACE Model. Our skilled staff look beyond presenting behaviour, address the underlying emotional need of the children in our care which results in long term positive change.

We care and educate children and young people who may have experienced: early childhood trauma and disruptions in their care giving. This often results in complex:  attachment difficulties, social emotional and mental health needs and we also care for those with, or without, a formal diagnosis of Autism.

To facilitate learning and opportunity we use “Dan Siegel’s Whole Brain Child” Model to encourage thinking and practice new choices. North Lakes have four care homes and two school sites rated Outstanding.

A Multi-agency approach enables us to support vulnerable children and young people and the key staff who care for them. Individual psychotherapy is available for young people, weekly clinical staff meetings to decode complex behaviour and personal supervision achieve this objective.

Our Therapeutic Parenting Approach enables young people to thrive. Pupils achieve higher than expected rates of progress and the quality of teaching the nurture group is highlighted by Ofsted. Our all male service specialises in returns to family or foster care after a reflective period of stability or transitions post 16.


"Pupils make outstanding progress with their learning across a wide range of subjects and experiences."

Kirby Moor School, Outstanding, October 2014

"The experience of living in this home significantly improves young peoples' life chances, they are equipped with skills that promote positive futures."

Kenilworth House, Outstanding 2015/16

"Where Children have suffered from trauma and abuse there is a strong focus on rebuilding their ability to play and have the opportunity to be a child."

Kirby Moor House, Outstanding 2016.

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