What we teach

All of our pupils have very individual educational needs. Some have missed large parts of their previous education. Some struggle with specific learning challenges. All need a consistent approach and a stimulating delivery of a broad and balanced Curriculum.

We teach the National Curriculum objectives to those pupils who are in Key Stage 2 or Key Stage 3, also to any pupils who are older but still need that solid basis in curriculum understanding. Pupils who are in KS4 are taught through a variety of accreditation schemes of work.

“Pupil’s work is marked and assessed rigorously and pupils are aware of their individual targets for improvement. Excellent use is made of external accreditation at a variety of levels.” – OFSTED 2014

Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3

Pupils aged 9 to 14 follow all subjects and objectives of the National Curriculum taken from the year/ level best suited to the individual. They learn in ways best suited to their needs. Progress is carefully measured in all subjects and specialised help inputted when needed. An Individual Learning Education Behavioural Plan (ILEBP) ensures targets are set for each child’s specific needs.

Key Stage 4

Pupils at Key Stage 4 can study the full national curriculum or a range of subjects depending on their academic ability, interests and emotional intelligence. Pupils and students within the 14-19 curriculum study for accreditations in: GCSE or equivalents, Entry Level Certificates, AQA Units of Accreditation and Vocational Awards (ASDAN), and OCR National Awards or certificates. Many of the KS4 pupils begin to work with local colleges or in work experience situations which help prepare them for their future independent lives.

“By the end of Key Stage 4, pupils are prepared well for the next stage in their education.” – OFSTED 2014

Assessment and progress

Assessment is a very important tool in ensuring the individual pupils are making good progress and any areas of difficulty are quickly addressed. The teachers here are very adept at using a large variety of assessment tools, which minimise any stress to the pupils but ensure a very clear picture is created of each pupil, their strengths and areas we need to address or support. Formal end of term reports are sent to parents/carers, local education authorities and social workers. Annual reviews and PEP’s give a more formal opportunity to show how the pupils are progressing. We also have times throughout the year when parents/ carers/ social worker and LEA representatives can come in to celebrate the achievements of our young people with them.

We use a nationally recognised programme of tracking of Assessment which measures each pupil’s progress against Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s in every subject area. The pupils can see clearly what they have achieved and where they can develop their skills in order to make further progress. The teaching staff use the KPI’s to ensure the teaching is tailored to the individual needs of the pupils


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