Out of the Classroom

Contibuting to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development

“The school makes a strong contribution to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Excellent opportunities are provided for pupils to reflect on human reactions and feelings and there is a strong emphasis on the development of tolerance and cooperation..”
– OFSTED 2014

Learning which enables our pupils to learn more and remember more needs to take place throughout the day and needs to develop understanding of many aspects of their lives.

Our focus is always to look forward considering what we need to support our pupils with so that they can thrive in their more independent future lives.

It is important that we help our pupils to develop aspiration and the skills they will need in all areas of their lives.

Pastoral Support

At both sites we have a committed pastoral team of staff who work closely with our SENDCo developing pupil focused individual programmes for those pupils who need one to one sessions built into their timetables to work through programmes with the pastoral staff. These programmes are designed to meet the needs of each individual and may focus on Resilience, Emotional regulation, Talk time, confidence in social situations or self-esteem.

Outdoor education

Pupils enjoy outdoor education throughout the year. The days are planned with individual ability and fitness taken into account but the main focus is placed on fun and team building. Each pupil has one day of outdoor education per half term, going out in small groups. Activities include: mountain biking, climbing, orienteering, bush craft, dry ski slope skiing and hill walking

Future Independent Lives

Kirby Moor School has a strong focus on looking toward our pupils next steps. We take the key principles from CIAEG – Careers, Information, Advice and Educational Guidance to help every pupil in their future independence. We adopt the GATSBY BENCHMARKS and link them in with subject learning in the Curriculum Plans. Life Skills, Emotional Literacy, Resilience, Career Aspirations and Independence are incrementally introduced from Year Key Stage 2 learning to Key Stage 4. We relate academic learning to real life situations for pupils to increasingly think for themselves about their future wants and are equipped with the skills, whatever their learning needs to be able to access these at a level best suited to their specific abilities.

College links

For those pupils where their aim is to attend a Local College we use our links with our local colleges. We work closely on our transition programs for our young people. Many of our young people would find the move to a mainstream college, at 16, very challenging. We work closely with our young people and the Student support teams in the colleges to ensure the pupils are as prepared as they can be for the move. The process for our staff starts when the pupils are in year 9. We ensure we are planning for the pupils at a level which they are capable of achieving. Careers lessons with the careers teacher, meetings with the Pastoral Lead and Career advisor sessions help to focus our young people on achievable yet challenging goals for their futures. The practical process usually begins in year 10 where the pupils visit colleges and talk about the courses they may enjoy. They then look at the requirements for entry and which support they would continue to need once at college.

In year 11 we look at a series of visits, then college sessions (in lesson and social times), talks with student support teams and the more formal requests for support through EHCP.

For those pupils who are moving back to their own Local areas away from Cumbria we try to mirror the same support. We have arranged a series of meetings to coordinate with home contact at weekends.

For those pupils where a Local college is not the best option we work closely with the parents/ carers and the professional teams around them to ensure we are planning for a more appropriate next step

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