How we teach

Pupils at Kirby Moor and Herdley Bank have diverse needs and enjoy a safe learning environment. Classrooms are used as multi purpose learning zones, we want to encourage pupils to learn, enjoy safe spaces with flexible layouts and energising approaches to connect children with the learning.

Speaking, listening, reading, writing and play skills are the focus of the teaching and learning, with the aim to focus on academic achievement, resilience building 1:1 programmes, narrowing any gaps and preparing our pupils for their future independent lives. Attuned, well resourced and regulated teaching staff support pupils individually and in small groups. Pupils gain self-respect and self-confidence by experiencing success, all pupils gain accreditation and at a level suited to their ability and emotional intelligence.

Pupils are based at the site which best meets their needs. They are grouped according to emotional literacy, developmental similarity and academic ability. Pupils are taught in similar ability groups ensuring the curriculum is delivered at a level the individual pupil needs. Our whole school ethos is to develop positive social interaction and emotional resilience. Every pupil will access the subject specific curriculum plan at a level relevant to their knowledge and understanding. Some pupils will quickly catch up on missed learning this sequential learning builds a solid academic foundation from which a pupil can learn further.

 “Their willingness to volunteer to ‘show off’ their work is testament to the self-confidence and pride which the staff have enabled them to achieve.” – OFSTED 2014

Our skilled teachers assess pupil’s needs and differentiate the curriculum to positively impact on the learning process. Every class of 5 pupils maximum is led by a qualified teacher and Learning support Assistant. The specific needs of pupils are met by developing and implementing Individual Learning Plans.

The Pastoral staff work closely with pupils delivering 1:1 Resilience sessions, having an open door policy for support and with close communication with our parents and carers. Speaking, listening, reading, writing and ability to play skills are the focus of teaching and learning, with the aim to narrow the gaps. Pupils gain self-respect and self-confidence by experiencing success, all pupils gain accreditation and at a level suited to their ability and emotional intelligence.

“All enter the school with complex emotional conditions and previous challenging behaviour… they make excellent progress…” – OFSTED 2014

The Kirby Moor School site has a dedicated nurture wing for those pupils who benefit from having the same teacher and learning support assistant throughout the day. The pupils have earlier breaks and can enjoy a quieter more predictable day, in the afternoon the break time is shared to support the integration for those in the nurture classes who will move on to Group two and beyond in the next academic year/s. This means we teach more pupils with a wider range of needs, skills, talents and interests.

The school day

9:05Reading & Literacy session12:45Lesson 4
9:20Lesson 113:35Lesson 5
10:10Lesson 214:25Afternoon break
11:00Morning break14:40Lesson 6
11:15Lesson 315:30End of school

Golden Time

Pupils are rewarded for positive choices throughout the week with Golden Time on Friday afternoons. Activities are on a rolling programme including: football, games, cooking, art, ICT clubs and offsite trips.

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