Warwick House

Specialist long-term therapeutic care for boys aged 9+

Warwick house: Longer term therapeutic care for children and young people aged 9+ who require ongoing specialist support. This 4 bed home is staffed for 1:1 care which is critical for attachment building and behavioural change exist. A purpose-built play room encourages play, facilitates a greater understanding of beliefs and values – identified through the games and stories that unfold. Empathetic responding and the curiosity of staff help new choices develop.

The therapeutic care is based upon the PACE Model. Our skilled staff look beyond presenting behaviours, address the underlying emotional needs of the children in our care which results in long term positive change.


To facilitate learning and opportunity we also make use of “Dan Siegel’s Whole brain child” model to encourage thinking and practice new choices. A multi-agency approach enables us to support vulnerable children and young people and the key staff who care for them. Individual psychotherapy or young people, weekly clinical staff meetings decode complex behaviour and personal supervision achieves this objective.

The robust structure of daily life means children feel safe form the consistently applied fair boundaries. Practical skills are learnt and opportunities for play abound.

As therapeutic carers we:

  • Understand how trauma and attachment affects the child’s brain and development and is shown through their actions and behaviours
  • Are able to interpret the Childs action correctly
  • Know the child’s history which helps decode behaviour
  • Are able to react consciously and with empathy to the child’s behaviour, rather than emotionally.
  • Receive excellent support and supervision
  • Recognise compassion fatigue and blocked care within our own practise.


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