Warwick House

For boys aged 12+ who may have social/emotional/behavioural needs

Warwick house is our newest home and is perfectly placed to support our older and more able young people who are making the transition into young adults. This Carlisle home provides ample opportunities for young people to fully engage in the local community. We have a duty of care to help prepare our young people to make well informed and considered life choices.

Warwick house provides a caring and educational environment to enable young people to experience semi independent living with the back up and support of our skilled staff team. We have recreated a healthy functioning family environment where young people can experience what is expected of adolescents their age. This is accompanied by the freedom to make decisions, enjoy successes and learn from mistakes. The ethos of the home is: respect, reflection, resilience building and learning.

The robust structure of daily life means the practical skills needed for independent living are embedded. Our young people learn how to cook, do their laundry, budget, shop and structure their free time – engaging positively in the community through friendships, sporting clubs and

Warwick house supports engagement in: local mainstream schooling; alternative education and training opportunities. Young people can undertake apprenticeships and gain qualifications at local colleges.

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