Kirby Moor House

Therapeutic assessment service and long-term care for boys aged 8+

At Kirby Moor house we provide therapeutic care for children and young people aged 8+ who have experienced early childhood trauma and disruptions in their care. These factors have manifested into complex needs, attachment and interpersonal problems, challenging behaviour and mental health difficulties. 2 skilled teams of 5 support up to 6 children and young people within the home.

The highly nurturing and therapeutic approach taken by staff helps young people understand their feelings and explore alternative ways to express themselves. Consequently, young people are developing a better understanding of past events and how to manage their feelings about them.


Medium to Long Term therapeutic care. Placement stability is vital for children and young people who present with complex behaviours, who may have experienced multiple placement breakdowns. Our resilient staff respond empathicaly, they nurture thinking and link this consciously for new choices to be made.

To facilitate learning and opportunity we use practical, movement based and attachment rich strategies to help the functioning of the entire brain. we do this to encourage thinking and practice new choices. We provide a nurturing therapeutic environment with highly skilled staff. Our staff team and management are passionate about the children we look after and ensure that every child feels welcome, safe and cared for.

A Multiagency approach enables us to support vulnerable children and young people and the key staff who care for them. Individual psychotherapy or young people, weekly clinical staff meetings decode complex behaviour and personal supervision achieves this objective.

Outstanding Ofsted rated care  has been achieved through a continual review of the needs of the children we look after. A clear matching process, high level assessment work and continuous staff development helps us to achieve high professional standards and outcomes for the children and young people we care for.

They encourage young people to discuss their differences and take a restorative approach to resolving conflict and negative behaviours. Consequently, young people become more resilient and considerate of others. This approach is proving to be highly successful. 

As therapeutic carers we:

  • Understand how trauma and attachment affects the child’s brain and development and is shown through their actions and behaviours
  • Are able to interpret the Childs action correctly
  • Know the child’s history which helps decode behaviour
  • Are able to react consciously and with empathy to the child’s behaviour, rather than emotionally.
  • Receive excellent support and supervision
  • Recognise compassion fatigue and blocked care within our own practise.

Our approach helps young people to make informed choices and form positive therapeutic attachments. Future relationships, emotional regulation and progress depend on this being established. We promote moves back home, to foster care or to a specialist long term future placement as identified from our assessment placement.

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